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A Service.


  • Net Gunning
  • Darting
  • Ear tagging
  • Radio collars
  • Satellite collars
  • Biological Sampling
  • Data Collection
  • Control/removal/culling
  • Radio Tracking/Telemetry – all receivers 
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Relocations
  • MD500D Helicopter - Legendary performance, super stable, super fast. Cruise speed of 120 knots (20% faster than 206 JetRanger). Useful load with 1 hours fuel of 1200 lbs (approximately 20% over 206 JetRanger).  This performance allows us to carry a 3 person team for all stages of the capture procedure. No dropping a guy then returning later to pick them up = quicker animal processing times and lower flight times per animal. Equipped with auxillary fuel tank, Transport Canada approved gunner flight step, telemetry anntenas and receiver, wireless headsets, window de-foggers, equipment racks, ELT, GPS, InReach, hard mounted iPad with georeferenced  mapping software, GPS tracking system,  USB plugins and 115v power inverter, bear paws, survival and first aid gear. 


  • Widlife Capture Equipment Netguns - 4 barrel models, uses .308 blank cartridges. Various net sizes and construction for specific species. Extra net canisters for fast reloading.  


  • Communication Specialist Telemetry Receiver - R1000 model linked to Telonics RA-2A antennas mounted on Transport Canada approved mount.

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